How the testing works

We will send you out detailed instructions for how the radon detectors work, but we wanted to re-assure you how easy it is:


1. This is the testing device. Simply remove it from the package and place it at breathing level in the lowest occupied level of your home or building (where people spend at least 4 hours per day), Make note of the day you started the test (this is needed for analysis)

2. Leave the device for 3 months. Do not touch or move the device as this could invalidate results

3. At the end of 3 months, you can send the device to the lab for analysis. Simply place the black puck in the ziplock bag provided - this will stop the device from continuing testing. Record the date you ended the test on the paperwork provided. Place the device and paperwork in the return envelope provided to you, and send to the lab for analysis. At the end of 6 weeks, the lab should contact you by email with your results.